Are you making any of these mistakes at the gym?

This article covers common workout mistakes at the gym or fitness centers.

When they are open, gyms are the most popular place to workout for most people. Most gyms offer community, accountability, and air-conditioning, which is incredibly appealing in hot climates! A gym also provides many ways for people to exercise: weights, treadmills, machines, bikes, kettlebells, rowers, and much more.

The gym can, however, be a tricky place to navigate. If you are novice to working out or a regular gym-goer, there are some mistakes you may be making on a regular basis. Not only can these issues sabotage your workout—they may lead to unwanted injuries down the road. Learn four of the top gym mistakes people make and what to do instead.

Mistake #1: No workout plan.

Numerous people walk in the gym with no idea what it is they are going to do that day. Many end up wasting time, energy, and never see the results they aspire to achieve. A fitness plan is crucial in helping you mentally prepare and successfully carry out your workout for the day. A personal trainer, coach, or fitness app can help you create a smart plan so you do not waste time or get injured.

Mistake #2: Not keeping track of time.

Whether you are using a cardio machine or performing resistance-based exercises, it is important to track your time. This includes rest periods, active minutes, and the total duration of a workout.

Why? To keep yourself accountable and on top of your workout. Many people are bound to either rest too little or too long, or cutting themselves short in a workout. Over time, this will lead to less effective progression and results.

Mistake #3: Lack of focus on form and movement patterns.

Along with a workout plan, special attention must be paid to your form. If you do not have a personal trainer, it becomes all the more important that you use a mirror or have someone monitor your form to ensure proper posture and correct movement patterns. Bad form can lead to stress on your muscles, joints, and bones causing acute or chronic injury.

Mistake #4: Too many machines!

Some machines in the gym are helpful to use, especially as a beginner. They are easy to learn and are regarded as safer to use. However, they have fixed movement patterns that restrict your range of motion and are seen as non-functional. Machines tend to neglect smaller stabilizing muscle groups and can lead to injury if too much weight is used.

Instead of machines, try out some workouts that emphasise the use of your body, free-weights, and other gym equipment to provide a challenging yet safe plan.