Training for your legs

It is known as the most brutal day in the bodybuilding, gym, and strength world. And for good reason—leg movements are some of the most taxing and exhausting exercises for your body to undertake. They require a strong core, butt, and back in order to carry out effectively. But when done with proper form and with consistency over time, the results are very rewarding. From building a firm behind to toning your thighs and calves, leg exercises cannot be forgotten when you are working out in the gym or at home.

A major problem arises when people focus solely on isolation exercises—leg extensions, hamstring curls, and only using machines in the gym. This is ineffective and can place unnecessary stress on certain joints and ligaments when conducted along with incorrect positioning.

So what are the best exercises to perform?


Start by doing body-weight squats with correct form, and work your way up to being able to squat with additional weight. Squats, particularly with a barbell, are the most effective legs and butt exercise you can perform to see the results you want.


Lunges are great in working not only your legs, but they help to strengthen your hip flexors and address your balance as well. Like squats, start by using your body weight first before progressing up to holding weight in your hands or on your back. Reverse and speed-skater lunges are highly effective and should be incorporated into your workout plan, along with traditional lunges.

Glute Bridge Raises and Hip Thrusts.

These exercises are great for your butt and hamstrings as well as your main core muscles. Lie on your back and keep good form while trying different variations—one leg in the hair, using weight, and changing up the tempo.

All of these exercises can be found with different modifications to help you progress in your workouts, build strength, get fit, lose fat, and best of all live a long and healthy life. Try them next time you are in a gym or bored at home!